our philosophy

Ethical, locally sourced, organic food is at the heart of every dish we create.  We think that's great news for our clients, for the environment and for local food producers and farmers. 

Good food is good for the soul and, here at ChangeKitchen, we believe it has the power to change lives.   We are a team that's passionate about cooking up change.

- Birgit Kehrer, ChangeKitchen CIC
ChangeKitchen : homemade gluten free  spiced apple cake

ChangeKitchen : homemade gluten free spiced apple cake

Our full company name is ChangeKitchen CIC.  CIC stands for Community Interest Company.  We’re a social enterprise, proud to be cooking up change for disadvantaged people in Birmingham, as well as delicious food.

The single biggest difference between ChangeKitchen and other event caterers is that we create and serve our food differently; we want our clients and customers to celebrate sharing a meal, as well as fuelling their bodies.

All of our food is fully vegetarian (always with vegan and gluten-free options), so everyone shares food from one table. Our food is designed to bring people together, rather than dividing them, we don't create individual platter sections for people from different ethnic, cultural or religious backgrounds.  We take pride in serving food which really celebrates diversity.

Our dishes are inspired by cuisines from around the world: curries from South Asia, South East Asia and the Caribbean, as well as dishes from around the Mediterranean and the Americas and our own very popular versions of British traditional favourites.

The team enjoy picking up recipes from different cultures – and making them part of our repertoire by putting the ChangeKitchen stamp on them.  We run five-a-day-on-a-budget cookery classes. We deliver them to community groups, housing associations, corporate teams and the general public -

ChangeKitchen’s mission is to be part of a revolution that turns access to healthy eating away from a privilege to a right for everyone.

Our goals are simple;

to meet a demand for catering that is delicious, nutritious and which supports a healthy lifestyle,
to contribute to a local, sustainable and healthy food economy,
to provide training and work opportunities to people who face social exclusion
and to support them into mainstream employment and a more stable lifestyle.

Read more about our delicious menus and training programmes.

Want to offer your support or volunteer? We'd love to hear from you so do please drop us a line





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